Our Story

The first Scott’s Seafood restaurant was started in 1976 in the Marina District in San Francisco.  Since then, other Scott’s Seafood restaurants in San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, and Folsom have evolved, each with their own unique menu and ambiance, and catering to their own local communities.  While each restaurant is independently owned and operated, they all continue to serve the finest, freshest seafood and award-winning clam chowder.

Scott’s Seafood in San Jose has been a South Bay tradition for over 30 years, with an emphasis on sustainable, healthy food options.  Scott’s Seafood in San Jose has won the People’s Choice Award for its Boston Style Clam Chowder several years running, reaffirming the consideration that goes in to crafting each meal.

With that award-winning chowder in mind, Scott’s Seafood in San Jose recently expanded its footprint by opening a series of fast casual restaurants named Scott’s Chowder House which offers not only its chowders, but also lobster rolls and a variety of other new menu choices not found at its Scotts Seafood sibling.

Scott’s Seafood in San Jose can be found at its new downtown location where it continues to provide award-winning food and cocktails.  Scott’s Chowder House has various locations, including San Jose, San Francisco, and Palo Alto, which can be found on their own website: scottschowderhouse.com.

Mission Statement

At Scott’s we prioritize our food offerings as well as our guests.

We offer high quality, sustainable, healthy food options while simultaneously emphasizing a dynamic, customer-centric environment.

Our team appreciates each and every one of our community members and we aim to do our part in creating a healthy and happy lifestyle for all of our guests.


Our focus on sustainability promotes the the ability to meet our guests’ current appetites without comprising the ability of future generations to do the same.

Scott’s strives to provide high quality food with this practice in mind. By maintaining a sustainably minded viewpoint, we ensure that our food ingredients come from sources that share our thoughtful approach to social and environmental issues.

As a company we will continue to look towards sustainable practices and efforts as we feed our community.


Sammy Reyes

Executive Chef, Managing Partner

Tony Kavoosi

General Manager

Steve Mayer


Steve Mayer is the Founder and Managing Partner of SD Mayer & Associates, an accounting, consulting, and wealth management firm located in San Francisco.

Prior to SD Mayer, he was the CEO of a large regional accounting firm, Burr Pilger Mayer (BPM). Mr. Mayer has also been involved in several other businesses including a number of restaurants, co-founder of Presidio Bank, and an owner of Books Inc., a bookstore chain.  His partnership group owns the San Jose location of Scott’s Seafood restaurant and the Scott’s Chowder House restaurants.

Mr. Mayer has been very active in the community and over the last 40 years has served on more than 15 non-profit boards including the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Bay Area Council, and Riordan High School, to name a few.

He has recently published three books and lives in San Mateo with his wife of 27 years and their three children.When he turned 60, he did an Ironman just to make sure he was still in shape.